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Baseboard HeatersBaseboard heaters are a great addition to a room or space that has a draft or a cold spot that needs a little extra heat. Baseboard heaters are mounted along the wall base, usually on an outside wall of your room. They mount near the base of the wall and are connected to a 20-amp circuit. Baseboard heaters come in various lengths to accommodate the amount of heat that you need to add to the room. These heaters are meant to supplement a room's heat.

Baseboard heaters come in 120-volt and 240-volt styles. Both heat effectively, but the 240-volt model is more efficiently. Baseboard heaters are controlled by a thermostat that either mounts on the unit itself or can be installed in a junction box in the middle of the wall. These thermostats act as a switch to turn the power on and off to the baseboard heater. So if there's a chill in the air in a room in your house, get yourself a baseboard heater and feel warm and fuzzy all over in no time!


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