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Ground Fault Circuit Interrrupter - GFCIWhen it's time to update the outlets in your home or add those much needed ground fault circuit interrupters to your kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage or outdoors, you may need a little guideance as to how to change them out. In this simple how-to, I explain the simple process of changing an outlet to a GFCI.

You see, GFCI's are built to protect you from electrocution. They trip Open the circuit) when there is a difference of potential. In other words, instead of electricity using your body as a path to ground, the GFCI will sense this and open the circuit so that you won't get shocked.

How many times in your lifetime have you been using a razor, curling iron, or hair dryer next to a sink of water? All of a sudden, the electrical appliance slips from your hands and without even tinking, you grab to save the appliance, only to catch it in the sink full of water. You can probably guess the rest, electricution! It's a knee-jerk decision and we've all done it. Just like running out in the street to retrieve a ball, even though you've been told not to go into the street because you could get run over. This is just that kind of instance. before you know what hit you, you've already committed to grabing the falling appliance.

Not to worry though, you can be virtually worry free by adding ground fault circuit interrupters to your home.

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July 19, 2013 at 4:49 pm
(1) Jerry says:

You have explained well the need to use a GFI outlet in areas near water such as the bathroom or kitchen. The steps you gave for installation of same is easy to follow. Good article.

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