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As feared, the worst has happened...and maybe more. Hurricane Sandy came ashore and is pummeling the New York area with wind, rain, floods, and power outages. As I feared, this storm is much bigger and badder than the "Perfect Storm" of the movies. It was reported by a meteorologist that the low pressure of this storm was lower than that storm, the winds are stronger and the convergence of the weather systems set up this super storm dubbed "Frankenstorm".

While watching the news around 10 P.M. Monday evening, the reports of flooding in lower Manhattan and the subway with 4 feet of water in it in the New York City area, the storm has arrived and is devastating thus far. I watched in horror as two large power substations blew up numerous times with bomb-exploding force! Power outages are numerous and the flood waters continue to rise.

Those who chose to stay behind are trying to find higher ground, but much like a tsunami, the water just keeps coming. Of course there are those who tried to drive through the rising waters, only to fall vicitm to stalled cars, leading to rescue attempts by officials and endangering more lives. One person said that she looked out her window and there was a little water on the roadway one minute and all at once it seemed, there was water in my front yard.

Like I reported earlier in my initial comments about being prepared, I said that if you didn't get out of the way of this storm, once it hit, you were going to be stuck. Now the worst fears have come true and the water heights are much higher than once feared. Storm surges have topped 12 feet in some instances and reports around the effected area are that boats have pulled loose of the mournings, beaches have disappeared, and on one building top where a crain was attached for builbing work, the highwind gusts of upwards of 95 miles per hour have twisted the crain, leaving it danging atop a high-rise building. The area had to be evacuated for fear the crain would come toppling down.

In other areas, an apartment building's lower corner gave way, causing a collapse and exposing other adjoining apartment rooms to the floodwaters. The site of 911 was even inundated with floodwaters as Lady Liberty looked on through the great wind and rain event.

I pray for the safety of those in the storms path, the rescue personnel, the law enforcement, fire department, and everyone else that may be in harm's way. Be a good neighbor if you can and help someone that is in need in these areas. With a little brotherly love and compassion, we can all weather the storm!

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