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When you think of the term conductor, you think of anything that conducts electricity through something, often wires. When electricity flows from one point to another through something like an electrical wire, we call this conductivity.

Other things can also become conductors, like you! That's why working with electricity should be done in a safe manner and accomplishing this starts with turning off the power before you work on anything! I know you've probably changed an outlet or switch "hot" many times before and nothing happened. However, what if this time you get hung up on a "hot" wire? Your family and friends would like to see you around a while longer so practice safety first!

But what is a conductor? Well to put it simply, it is anything that is capable of allowing current to flow through it. Thus, like I stated above, wires, switches, outlets, you, etc... could all be conductors of electricity. Whatever the path for electricity flow, that is the conductor. Please read on to learn more about a conductor.




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