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Be on top of the latest news, warnings, dangers, and headlines across the world. Included are electrical articles and everyday article that deal in everything electrical and electric in and around your home. Seasonal articles will be covered to keep you informed and safe. If there is something threating you and it is associated with electrical, I'll post it here.

Solar Electric Car Charging Stations Springing Up..An Emerging Infrastructure
Here's a look at the newest infrastructure for charging cars that are popping up across the land. As electric cars become more popular and more are on the road, there will need to be chargers to recharge cars. This new initiative to place solar-powered chargers across the nation is the first step in making the electric car a real winner on the...

Hurricane Irene Hits North Carolina
Hurricane Irene has hit the East Coast in North Carolina. Amid the heavy winds, high surf, and crashing waves, coastal and low-lying areas are seeing flooding. This will likely be prevalant along the East Coast from North Caroline to New York to New Jersey.

Three Earthquakes in 48 Hours Rock the World
In only 48 hours, a string of earthquakes have rocked areas of the world.

Hurricane Earl Threatens The East Coast...Be Prepared!
The first day of September in 2010 could be remembered as the start of the east coast hurricane, Earl. As hurricane warnings go out, now is the time to get prepared for the storm, not after it arrives.

Downed Power Lines – Hurricane Hazards
Hurricanes and other inclement weather cause power outages and downed power lines. This article takes a look at what to do and what not to do in and around downed power lines. Electrical safety practices should be followed in natural disasters.

Memorial Day Weekend Means Camping and Camping Safety!
Memorial Day weekend is upon us once again and the thrill of getting out into the great outdoors knocks as the camping season is ready to get into full swing! If your camper is like mine, it is going to need a lot of cleaning and freshening up before you hook it to the hitch on the truck for the journey to the land of the great outdoors of your favorite campground. Here is an electrical safety list that will keep you safe over the weekend.

Electrical Devices You Need When Storms Hit
Before severe storms hit your home, be prepared by having the right electrical devices in standby mode.

Top Three Natural Disasters of 2008
Living in the mid-section of the United States posed some particularly trying weather conditions in 2008. Natural disasters were all around us and it seems that the global warming that we've all heard so much about has only made the strength and frequency of the storms more destructive.

National Electrical Code Phone Application
Instead of carrying an outdated National Electrical Code book around, why not try this new software that gives your smart phone the capability to access the National Electrical Codes and changes in a snap!

Thankgiving Turkey Blunders
Some will say there's nothing like a Thanksgiving turkey that is cooked in a deep fryer with peanut oil. Although it is a great tasting bird, there are dangers that can make your turkey a flaming bundle. In fact, it may just start your garage ablaze!

Weather-related Preparedness Plan
As spring approches, the threat of severe storms does too. This is a great time to get your weather-related preparedness plan together, before the storm hits! Every year many people are injured or die from the result of storm damage or hazards thereof. In most cases, a little preperation could have avoided many of these injuries and death all...

Get Ready For Hurricane Season
Being prepared for the electrical power outages should already be your minds if you live in this area. Now is the time to get prepared for the hurricane that could hit the US by early this weekend. These simple readiness tips will keep you ahead of the storm.

Energy Saving Window Air Conditioners
To increase energy savings, newer window air conditioners have an energy saver setting that turns the unit off and on while cooling the room. This saves you money on your electric bill.

Seasonal Heating Needs and Options
As we roll into the fall and winter months, heating our home comes to be our #1 concern. Mny of you have gone green by adding a wood burning boiler or a geothermal heating system. Then there's the conventional heating methods like gas furnaces or electric heaters. The most common are baseboard and portable heaters. Some are 120-volt models,...

Triple-threat of Storms Devastate West Coast...Round One
November 20th,2012 starts the triple-threat of storms that are pummeling the West Coast. One storm has already hit, leaving the west in a state of emergency. Everything from wind to rain to snow to mudslides to ice storms to avalanches is either happening or a real possibility.

Nest, The Smart Learning Thermostat
Here is the latest innovative thermostat that learns your living habits and sets the heating and cooling for you.

Electric Snow Blowers
Removing snow can be as easy as using an electric snow blower.

Photovoltaic Panels...Can Solar Cells Really Extract Electricity From The Sun?
Collecting electricity from the sun is accomplished by using photovoltaic panels, better known as solar cells. Determining the cost effectiveness and installation cost of the system is the first step in considering purchasing a PV system.

What to Check When the Christmas Lights Go Out
Don't be a Grinch at Christmas, keep your Christmas lights shining! Learn what to do when a set of Christmas lights go out.

National Farm Safety Week...Electrical Hazards Checklist
Farm safety is a big issue, especially at harvest time. Here's a look at some things to look over while preparing for harvest.

The New Evolution Of Turkey Deep Fryers
Here are the good, the bad, and the ugly of deep frying turkeys during the holidays. It can be the best tasting turkey you have ever had, but also one of the most dangerous cooking methods you may use.

About Electrical: Your Top Three Favorite Articles In 2013
Over the years writing here at About.com, I've had the privilege of talking to many of you via email. I've solved a few problems and inspired many of you to do some electrical projects yourself, many with great success! Every once in a while there is an article that just outperforms all of the others. In fact, there are three this year that have become your, the reading audience's, favorites this year. I thought I owed it to you to take another look at your favorites for 2013.

Will Electric Cars Burden Our Power Supplies?

Breathing Batteries Triples Mileage of Electric Cars
Breathing battery gives extended life to electrica cars mileage.

Walk and Charge Electronics With a Shoe-powered Charger
Shoes that actually charge electronics have been developed!

Keyless Entry Door Locks
Keyless entry locks are the door entry systems of the future, replacing key locks.

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