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Nest, The Smart Learning Thermostat

Green Technology at It's Best


We all know that thermostats control turning on and off both heating and air conditioning in homes and businesses. Some of us may still have the old dial-type thermostats that are turned manually, so the temperature stays in one spot all day. Others may have updated to digital programmable thermostats that have many different time settings for different temperature settings throughout the day and night. But these thermostats also have these preset temperatures locked in. If only there was a thermostat that could learn our habits, heating and cooling needs that is, and adjust the temperature based on our desires.

Surprise, surprise! There is now just such a thermostat available on the market! It’s called the Nest Learnable Thermostat. According to their website’s information, this innovative device will actually program itself in between two days and a week! With a patented “Auto Away” feature, The “Nest” will set your homes temperature to save you money while you are gone, up to 20%. “AutoAway” is a feature that uses a sensor that keeps track of activity within your home. That way, while you are moving around in your home, “Next” is monitoring that you need heating or cooling. When activity stops for a couple of hours, “Next” goes into “Auto-Away” mode, turning the temperature setting either up or down to the minimum or maximum temperature that you preset into the program. It monitors your home with a 150 degree wide-angle view sensor. “Next” works in 9 out of 10 homes and costs in the neighborhood of $249.00 and is flying off of the shelves.

Other than programming the maximum and minimum temperatures and actually installing the “nest”, you really have to do nothing but let it learn the way you live in your home. It will learn your heating and cooling needs throughout the day and while you are away.

For you technical people, “Nest” has a mobile app that allows you to connect to your thermostat from a smart phone and change the thermostat from many miles away. You could be on vacation, arriving back at the airport, two hours from home and contact your “Next” to turn up the heat before you get home. Not only that, but you can also talk to it via a computer or tablet. On you mobile device, you’ll be able to access room temperatures, data about energy usage, access settings, and even change languages.

The Beta version can control up to ten thermostats in two homes per account, change temps, change and adjust your schedule, and tell you if you’re saving money with a “Nest Leaf” on your display. The current version is free on iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The Android version will be available in December.

For the forgetful people, “Nest” even reminds you to change a dirty filter in your heating and cooling system. Did you know that a dirty filter can cost you an extra 5% on you energy bill? It is true. With an early on feature, that turns the heat up or the cooling down to get to your desired temperature before you roll out of bed in the morning, you won’t have to worry and that early morning temperature shock first thing in the morning when your feet hit the ground running.

Now for the bad news. Since it is such an innovative device and new to the market, you’ll have to call to be added to the want list as they become available on the market. It seems that they have sold out at times, so don’t be surprised if the supply is limited, but worth the wait.

”Nest” is as easy to install as adding a light fixture and can be installed in about 30 minutes or less by most Do-It-Yourself people. If you’re not so sure about your installation skills, you can choose to buy the “Nest Concierge” installation service. By visiting nest.com, you can sign up or simply call 855-4MY-NEST and get the information you need there.

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