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Electrical Dangers, Hazards, Shock, and Treatment

This section describes the many terms that are associated with electrical hazards that may cause you physical harm or even death. Performing electrical projects and staying clear of electrical lines and equipment can greatly reduce the danger factor. Electrical safety is key here.

What are the Electrical Dangers Of Shock?
There are many dangers associated with electricity. The real danger with electrical shock is amperage, not voltage. Although people have been killed by as little as 120-volt AC and low volatge DC, the silent killer is the amount of amperage in milliampers that flow through a person's body. Any electrical device is capable of dealing a deadly blow, depending on the amount of current flowing through it. In fact, a deadly dose of current in the 100-200 milliamperes range is likely a fatal amount.

Color Coding of Electric Wires and Terminal Screws and Their Function
Learn what color wire goes where on switch and outlets terminals and why.

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