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Appliances - Wiring, Repair & Energy-Saving Tips

Find out how to wire major appliances and what supplies you will need. Energy saving appliance guides will help you save precious money.

Electric Water Heater Problems Diagnosed
Electric water heaters often encounter problems and these troubleshooting tips will help you diagnose the problems.

3-Wire and 4-Wire Dryer Receptacles
If you need to know how to wire a dryer outlet, or convert the wiring from a three-wire system to a four wire system, or just the opposite, here's a great source for information.

Top 10 Solar Energy Uses
In the world of renewable and sustainable alternative power supplies, solar energy is free for the taking. These are my top ten solar energy uses in a home.

How To Install an Over-The-Range Microwave Oven
This is a complete step-by-step guide to installing an over-the-range microwave oven.

Electrical Devices That Require No Junction Boxes
These are some unique instances that you can connect electrical wiring to devices without having to have a junction box, and here's why.

Where To Find Appliance Nameplates
If you've ever wondered where manufacturers hide the nameplate rating tags and markings, this article will help.

What Is A Range Hood?
Range hoods are used to exhaust water vapor (steam) andheat away from the cooking area above the range top. These exhaust fans can vent either up into the cabinet duct work, out the back through the wall, or be blown back into the room through the front-facing vent holes in the range hood.

Kitchen Appliance Connection Requirements
Kitchen appliances require specific needs such as junction boxes for electrical connections, disconnecting means, and dedicated circuits for specific appliances.

Dedicated Circuits
Dedicated circuits are required by the National Electrical Code, but what are they?

Cash for Clunker Appliances In Illinois
Illinois is one of many states with a government program aimed to increase the efficiency of heating, cooling, water heaters and numerous other cooking, cooling and washing appliances. This program will generate consumer buying and lessen the energy demand by replacing older, less efficient appliances with newer, Energy Star rated appliances.

Branch Circuits For Ranges and Cooking Appliances According T…
Branch circuits are the electrical wiring feeds that power appliances like ranges and ovens.

Wiring Typical Laundry Circuits
These are the three typical laundry circuits that are used in most homes today.

Electric Dryer Cords - 4-Prong To 3-Prong Electric Dryer Cord Replace…
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How To Convert Electric Clothes Dryer Cords From 4-Prong To 3-Prong
Newer homes are now being equipped with 4-prong dryer cord plugs, but if you are moving into an older home, you may need to convert your dryer cord to a 3-prong configuration.

Why Your Oven Won't Heat Up
If you turn the oven on and it doesn't heat up, it could be your oven ignitor has gone bad.

What Is An Electric Dryer Heating Element?
Electric dryers use electric heating elements to produce heat to dry clothes.

How To Change an Electric Dryer Cord From 4-Prong Plug to 3-Prong Plug
Newer homes are now being equipped with 4-prong dryer cord plugs. This is the new standard and is required under Article 550.16(A)(2) of the National Electrical Code (NEC) 2008. Connections of electrical clothes dryers shall be made with a 4-conductor cord and 3-pole, 4-wire, grounding-type plugs or by Type AC cable.

How To Wire a 4-Prong Dryer Outlet
Learn how easy it is to install and wire a 4-prong dryer outlet.

Appliance Repair Projects
When the heart of your kitchen appliances are on the fritz, these appliance repair tips will help you get them working again in no time. Altough some appliance repair projects are simple enough to accomplish yourself, some do require special tools and even a visit from your freindly neighborhood appliance repairman.

Whirlpool Duet Gas Dryer
The Whirlpool Duet gas dryer is a front-load dryer. It is a commercial dryer built to handle large loads of laundry and save water and energy in the process. This reviews explains the pros and cons of this machine.

Change Gas Oven Ignitors
Learn how to replace and install an oven ignitor with this electrical how-to, complete with photos.

How to Change a Bake Element in an Electric Oven
In order to get the right bake element for your electric range, you'll need to have the model number for the appliance store or repairman in order for them to look up the proper part. The model number can be found on the inside of the bottom pan drawer. Pull the drawer out and look for a white or silver tag that states the model and serial number. This will ensure that you get the right replac…

How to Wire Electric Range Receptacles
Learn how to wire electric range receptacles with this easy step-by-step guide.

How to Install Dishwashers
Learn how to correctly install dishwashers in your home. By following these steps, your dishes will be clean and shiny in no time.

How To Install an Ice Maker
When your refrigerator doesn't come with an ice maker, follow these step-by-step instructions and learn how to install an ice maker.

How To Install a Dryer Cord
Learn how to properly install a dryer cord on an electric dryer.

How to Connect a Range Cord
These simple step-by-step instrucions will guide you through a range cord installation. Just follow the instructions and you'll be cooking with bacon in no time!

Going Green – Saving Energy and Money Using Energy Star Appliances
With the high cost of electricity and the ever increasing cost of consumer products, finding new ways to leave a little change in your pocket is becoming a new fad. One way is purchasing Energy Star® rated appliances. These appliances are specifically designed to save energy and resources.

Seven Ways to Save Energy and Hard Earned Money
The price of everything keeps going up and it seems like there is no end in sight! We all need to find ways of saving the green to be able to keep our budgets afloat. Here are seven ways to save energy and the green from your wallet. Although this is not a complete list of energy savings tips, by implementing these simple changes to your everyday schedule, you’ll see immediate savings.

Summer Cooling Roundup
Here are some ways to cool your home and main=tain the equipmment.

Basic Electrical Safety Precautions and Procedures - Appliances
Easy Appliance Parts offers some basic safety precautions and procedures for your safety when servicing appliances.

Maytag Dishwasher Recall
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Maytag® corporation, announced a voluntary recall of many brands of dishwashers after it received 12 reports of dishwasher heating element failures that resulted in fires and dishwasher damage. This also included one report of extensive kitchen damage from a fire. Although no injuries have been reported, it is recommended that con…

Automatic Water Shutoff Valves
An automatic water shutoff valve controls a single water line or the whole house's water supply to shut the water flow off to the line usung a shutoff valve. It is triggered by a water sensor placed on the floor to detect water leaks.

Electric or Gas Ranges
Which is your favorite, electric or gas ranges?

Power Strips and Saving Energy
Here's an easy way to save some money on your energy bill by simply using a power strip or surge protector.

The Burning Question...Electric Elements Smoking
If you've ever started up an electric heater, toaster, or electric range for the first time or the first time of the year, you may notice smoke rolling out of them. Could this mean trouble? Is there something wrong with the appliance?

Installing Outlets
Installing outlets is easy if you follw these steps.

Design a Kitchen Electrical Wiring Plan
How to wire a kitchen.

Appliance Ratings of Major Appliances
Learn the mathematical breakdown of how energy-ratings are established on appliances via the bright yellow stickes attached to them.

Appliance Blog - Home Appliance Repair Weblog
This site lets you search the model number of your appliance and look up needed parts. Once the model is displayed, choose the parts from the choices on the left column. This will display the part and price of the part. It also tells you if it is in stock.

Top Appliance Wiring Tips
Here are some of my favorite appliance wiring articles.

Appliance Wiring
Here are some great appliance tips for selecting, connecting, and repairing appliances.

How To Wire a Baseboard Heater Thermostat
Baseboard heater thermostat wiring is easily accomplished in this how-to electrical article. Read the steps, wire the thermostat, and heat your room. It's just that simple!

Electric Dryer Projects and Fixes
A comprehensive look at electric dryer wiring, including the dryer itself, cord connections, outlets connections, dryer connection safety, testing and more!

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