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Cash for Clunker Appliances In Illinois

Energy Efficiency That Pays


Starting January 31, 2010, Illinois shoppers who buy water heaters that meet Energy Star energy-efficiency criteria can receieve a 25% rebate on their purchase, according to Illinois govenor, Patt Quinn. Illinois is one of many states with a government program aimed to increase the efficiency of heating, cooling, water heaters and numerous other cooking, cooling and washing appliances. This program will generate consumer buying and lessen the energy demand by replacing older, less efficient appliances with newer, Energy Star rated appliances.

This program, which many feel mimics the "Cash For Clunkers" auto program, is the first of the state's “Cash for Appliances” program. The federal government is innitiating a Cash for Appliances" program to encourage people to buy newer and more efficient appliances for energy consumption and to "Go Green". This energy-saving move is also an effort to stimulate the nation's sagging economy.

Older, less efficient models of heating and cooling equipment tend to run longer and use a higher amount of both gas and electricity. That's why the program also includes an instant rebate for people who purchase new, energy efficient heating and cooling units. The appliances must be purchased through contractors listed on the AmerenIU, ComEd, or participating Energy Efficiency Contractor (PEEC) Network. It is the hope of the program to jump-start the ecomnomy, while reducing the energy demand across not only Illinois, but across the nation.

Then, in another program to get consumers in the mood to buy new appliances, the government is offfering a 15% rebate at the time of purchase for select appliances between April 16th and 25th. Appliances include: washers, dryers, freezers, refrigerators, ovens, ranges, microwaves and other appliances that sport the Energy Star logo for efficiency.

A mail-in rebate of $50 to $100 per old appliance is available for those customers that arrange for their inefficient appliance to be removed from their home when their new one is installed. The idea being that the old models are scrapped and taken out of commision, rather than be sold to someone else. As you can see, eliminating the less efficient appliances will eventually lead to all energy efficient models in homes across Illinois in this program, but eventually across the nation in the bigger scope of things.

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