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How To Change An Electric Dryer Cord From 3-Prong To 4-Prong Cords


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Electric Dryer Neutral and Ground Connections
Neutral Bond Wire Removal From An Electric Dryer

Neutral Bond Wire Removal From An Electric Dryer

Timothy Thiele
In order to properly convert an electric clothes dryer from a three-prong to a 4-prong cord connection, you must first remove the neutral to ground connection that is made at the factory. This connects the electric clothes dryer's neutral to the case ground of the dryer. It is a white wire connected to the ground screw in the back of the machine. Simply remove the green ground screw and remove the white wire from the connection point. This wire will now connect to the center of the three electrical connection points (the neutral connection) along with the neutral wire (white wire) on the new 4-prong cord.
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