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Electrical Codes & Regulations

There are electrical codes, rules and regulations to live by when performing electrical work. These are designed for unity and safety.

Wire A Bathroom
Bathrooms require more than one circuit and here are the things you'll need to supply power to to properly wire a bathroom.

National Electrical Codes For Bathrooms
The National Electrical Code was written to provide a set of rules and regulations to keep the use of electricity in your home safe. Here are the top bathrooms codes you need to live by to remain safe and keep your electrical devices working properly.

National Electrical Code Outdoor Electrical Wiring Tips
The National Electrical Code has some very specific rules and regulations about underground wiring methods and points of attachment. This is a look at the highlights of the outdoor sections of the code.

Inspectors - Electrical Inspector Checkpoints - Electrical Inspections
Inspectors - Electrical Inspector Checkpoints - Electrical Inspections

Light Fixture Wire Ratings The National Electrical Code
Learn what the National Electrical Code has to say about light fixture wire ratings.

National Electrical Code Regulations - Dwelling Unit GFCI's
Find out what the national electrical Code states about ground-fault circuit-interrupters in dwellings.

National Electrical Code 2008 Wiring Methods For Swimming Pools
Learn what the National Electrical code says about wiring methods for swimming pools and water related items.

Room By Room Electrical Codes
A room by room look at common electrical code requirements in the home.

What is the Electrical Code?
Our Home Renovation Guide, Lee Wallender says, "the electrical code is much more than a restrictive document telling you what not to do. It's an instructive document that will help you learn how to do your own residential electrical wiring." "Let me give you some code highlights, and then I'll tell you how to educate yourself on the code--more cheaply."

Kitchen Electrical Code Basics
Home Renovations guide, Lee Wallender has compiled a list of electrical code basics and highly recommended practices for kitchen renovation.

National Electric Code
The new 2008 National Electric Code book is the "Bible" of rules, regulations and standards related to electrical wiring. It is designed to provide elctrical guidelines to keep you safe.

Mike Holt's Code Forum
This is an electrical code forum in which you must register to participate. Once inside, you can ask code questions and get replies from those who know the answers.

Ask Codeman
This is a fun animated site in which there is an interactive forum. When online, you type a question and Codeman will answer it. There is always a library of questions and answers to look over when he's not online.

Electrical Codes And Standards Information
This site has a very nice library of code rules and regulations related to the electrical field. Whether in the home or in the farm building, this one covers most of them.

Common Electrical Codes
In order to do electrical work properly, you first need to know the electrical codes that pertain to it. This article takes you through simple things to keep in mind while doing electrical projects.

Outdoor Lighting and Receptacle Codes
Here are a few outdoor lighting and receptacle codes that you will need to know before wiring your home or making room additions.

Hydromassage Bathtub Electrical Codes
Learn the safety devices and codes that are required for connecting a hydromasssge tub.

Choosing The Best Grounding Materials
A grounding system is comprised of a ground rod, wiring to connect it to a service panel, and a ground buss. It is a very important part of your electrical system to ensure electrical safety.

Installing Outlets
Installing outlet is easy if you follow these steps. Do it safely and right by follwing the National Electrical Code.

What is an Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter?
Here is the definition of an arc-fault circuit-interrupter.

Receptacle Boxes and Cable Installation Code
Installing electrical boxes and electrical cables are made easy by following these recommended electrical installation codes.

Creating a Circuit Directory
Labeling circuit breakers and fuses is not only a good idea so tha you know the locationand devices they serve, nut also a National Electrical Code requirement.

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