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DIY Projects, Troubleshooting & Repairs

An assortment of do-it-yourself (DIY), how-to’s for beginner, intermediate, and extensive projects to help you install and replace electrical systems and devices in your home. I also cover testing and troubleshooting most everything electrical in nature.
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How to Update a Room's Appearance For $15 or Less
Here are some inexpensive ways to update your home's appearance with some simple electrical improvements for under $15.

Polarized Receptacles…What Are They?
If you have an older home, you may still have polarized receptacles in it. Find out what they are and why you may want to change them for safety reasons.

Attic Addition, Conversion, or Renovation DIY Project
When you are stressed for space in your home, an attic addition or renovation may be for you.

Smoke Detectors - Daylight Savings Time Checklist - Daylight Savings Time
Smoke Detectors - Daylight Savings Time Checklist - Daylight Savings Time

How to Size a Bathroom Exhaust Fan
In order to keep bathrooms free from mold and mildew, bathroom exhaust fans remove moisture and odor quickly and easily. The real secret is getting the right sized exhaust fan for the proper room size.

Fishing Electrical Wires Through Walls From The Basement
If you've ever had to add a new wire, for an outlet or switch, in an existing wall, this tip will surely help. One option is to take down the drywall, which is not only time consuming, but also is costly and is messy. And for running it on the surface, yes it is possible with Wiremold products, but to me, it just looks unprofessional and tacky. Feeding the wire from a basement, crawlspace, or…

How To Straighten Crooked Receptacles
Throughout your home, you may have a few crooked receptacles. Find out how to easily starighten them in just minutes.

Remove A Broken Light Bulb
If you've ever had a lght bulb break off in a socket and didn't know how to get it out, this might just be the answer.

Deep Fry Your Turkey With An Electric Deep Fryer
Deep fryers in the past were all propane, but in the last year, they've make the evolution to electric, as in electric deep fryers.

Thanksgiving Turkey Fryer Safety
Hot oil and open flames can combine to cause fires and a disaster for your holiday mealtime at Thanksgiving if you use a deep fryer to cook your turkey.

Stop Drafts Around Outlets
If you feel a draft around your outlets, it is time to insulate them. This article tells how to weatherize them in these easy steps.

How To Wire And Install Single-pole Switches
Installing and wiring a single-pole switch couldn't be easier than with this step-by-step guide from About.com's electrical guide, Timothy Thiele.

Outlets And Receptacles - How To Add Outlets And Receptacles To Exist…
There is a simple way to add outlets and receptacles to existing circuits with these easy steps.

Outlets and Receptacles - How To Install Outlets In Existing Walls
If you've ever wondered how in the world you can add an outlet to an existing wall without tearing the drywall down, this article is for you!

Wire a Single-Pole Switch
Learn how easy it is to wire a single-pole switch. This simple how-to will have you turning lights on and off in no time.

Programming Programmable Thermostats
Learn how easy it is to program a programmable thermostat.

How to Install Junction Boxes
Learn how to install junction boxes where wires are spliced together without them.

How to Replace Extension Cord Plugs
Learn how to replace extension cord plugs that have become unsafe.

How To Install a Ceiling Fixture
Learn how to install and wire a ceiling light.

How To Wire Split Outlets
Split outlets control lamps that plug into an outlet in a room of your home. These outlets are converted in such a way that a switch in your home by an entrance door can be used to turn one part of an outlet on and off. The process can be painless and the benefits will keep your toes from being stubbed while walking across a dark room.

How to Cut in an Electrical Box
Find out how to easily install an electrical cut-in box into drywall.

How To Wire and Install an Outlet
Learn all the steps involved in installing an outlet. These steps include stripping the wire, making proper connections and which wire goes where. Outlet installation is made easy and safe in this tutorial.

How to Add an Outlet to an Existing Wall
So your home hasn't got enough outlets? Why not add a few to make the room a little more convenient? In this article, you'll learn how to add another outlet in an existing wall. These easy steps can be accomplished without damaging the portion of the wall that you see.

How To Install Hardwired Smoke Detectors
Learn how to install hardwired smoke detectors with battery backup in your home. These detectors are wired so that if any detector goes off, they will all sound.

How To Install a Ceiling Fan
A step-by-step tutorial of how to install a ceiling fan. This detailed article covers the installation project from start to finish.

Connect a Garbage Disposal
Find out how to make the electrical connection to a garbage disposal. This tutorial comes with step-by-step instructions and photos to make this an easy, do-it-yourself project.

How To Install a Ground Fault Circuit Interupter (GFCI) Outlet
Learn the basics of how to install a ground fault circuit interrupter.

How to Bend Conduit With Confidence
A tutorial that teaches the easy way to bend conduit with confidence.

How To Connect a Range Cord
These simple step-by-step instructions will guide you through a range cord installation. Just follow the instructions and you'll be cooking with bacon in no time!

Digital Programmable Thermostat Installation Made Easy
Learn how to simply install a digital programmable thermostat.

Testing Electrical Circuits
Testing electrical circuits is a must when they go on the fritz. Knowing how they work and how to test for power will help you track down the problem.

Ceiling Fan Installation Basics
Learn the basics for properly hanging and installing ceciling fans, including ceiling boxes

What Is An Automatic Water Shutoff Valve?
Your home has many different appliances that connect to the water supply. Diswashers, washering machines, ice machines, toilets, and drinking fountains around sinks and installed on refrigerators all pose a leak threat to your home. Automatic water valves can protect your home from water damage, even when you are not home to detect the problem.

What Is Track Lighting?
Track lighting is a great task lighting option. Learn about what track lighting is and how to install it.

Home Network System Distribution Center
The distribution center is the heart of the home network system. In fact, it is the central hub that everything connects to in the hetwork. This includes wire connections, cable connections, and distribution modules. Find out how this system can coordinate all of your electronic devices.

What are Home Network Distribution Modules?
As we collect more and more electronic gadgets in our home to listen to music, watch videos, and communicate with others through telephones and computers, we are in need of something to organize all of these devices. A home network distribution system can do just that.

Automated Sprinkler Systems
Automated sprinkler systems make watering your garden or lawn a snap. They can be placed throughout your yard or garden to evenly distribute water by being programmed to turn on and off. They even have a moisture sensor option that can detect when there's enough water already there. Here is the answer to your watering needs.

Spring Cleanup For Summer Cooling
As we head into spring and look forward to the summer months ahead, we should all remember our good friend the air conditioner. To keep these units functioning properly, one has to take care and maintain the unit, its components, the coil fins, and the area around them, especially the central air conditioner units. It's the maintenance of...

Automated Sprinkler Systems
Learn how easy it is to water your garden or lawn from the convenience of your easy chair by installing an automated sprinkler system.

Installing Outlets
Installing outlet is easy if you follow these steps.

Creating a Circuit Directory
Labeling circuit breakers and fuses is not only a good idea so tha you know the locationand devices they serve, nut also a National Electrical Code requirement.

How To Install a Baseboard Heater
Baseboard heaters are a nice addition to an area of your home that is drafty or colder than the rest of the house.

The Light Bulb Guide
Here's a comprehensive look at light bulbs, lighting fixtures and their uses or restrictive uses.

Color Coding of Electric Wires and Terminal Screws and Their Function
Learn what color wire goes where on switch and outlets terminals and why.

How to Wire Electric Range Receptacles
Learn how to wire electric range receptacles with this easy step-by-step guide.

National Farm Safety Week...Electrical Hazards Checklist
Farm safety is a big issue, especially at harvest time. Here's a look at some things to look over while preparing for harvest.

What to Check When the Christmas Lights Go Out
Don't be a Grinch at Christmas, keep your Christmas lights shining! Learn what to do when a set of Christmas lights go out.

Electrical Boxes and Their Uses
Electrical boxes are everywhere in our homes, but do you know all of the different types used and how they are installed? Here is a great list of articles addressing electrical boxes in homes.

24-Volt Thermostat Wiring For Single-Stage Heat Pump Systems
Single-stage heat pumps are easy to connect to thermostats if you follow this simple guide.

Detecting Motion and Body Heat With Motion Detectors
Installing a motion detector light is the first step to stopping intruders from approaching your home. Here's a look at the benefits of them and how they work.

Electrical Power Tools You'll Need
Power tools for electrical work is essential. Do you own the power tools that you need?

Keyless Entry Door Locks
See how keyless entry locks are the door entry systems of the future, replacing key locks.

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