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How To Straighten Crooked Receptacles

Outlets Can Easily Be Straighten With A Few Tools


Tools Needed:

Straight and Phillips Screwdrivers
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Electrical Tape
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Throughout your home, you may have a few crooked receptacles. With a few electrical tools, you can easily straighten them in just minutes. Sometimes the junction box that holds the receptacle becomes loose and that causes an alignment problem. This can be fixed by shutting off the power, removing the cover plate, removing the receptacle, and inserting a screw through the sidewall of the box to a stud in the wall next to the receptacle. Be sure that the headof the screw is in far enough so as not to touch any part of the installed receptacle. It would be wise to place electrical tape over the head of the screw. Now simply install the receptacle in the box and, using a level, tighten the two screw until the device is tight. Then install the cover plate and turn on the circuit. The installation is complete and straight as an arrow.

The easier fix is when the receptacle screws where just loose and the outlet simply twisted towards one side. In this case, simply turn off the power, remove the cover plate, and using a level, align the receptacle as you tighten the two mounting screws by sliding the receptacle to the left or right. Once plumb, install the cover plate and once again, using the level on the side of the cover plate, plumb it also while tightening the mounting screw.

In either case, it is advisable to place electrical tape around the terminal screws of the receptacle. This way, you can avoid the terminals from coming into contact with the box sides.

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