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How to Bend Conduit with Confidence


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Bender Photo

Bender Photo

Timothy Thiele

Houses in America are wired in many different ways. Some are wired in NM (Non-metallic sheath), some in BX and still others are installed in conduit. Conduit provides many distinct advantages over NM (Romex) and BX (Metal Sheathed) wiring. Conduit protects the wire from damage, is bonded to ground throughout the circuit, and leaves you with the ability to come back later and add circuits. Try that with NM or BX!

Wiring your home is pretty easy if you’re just stringing NM (Romex) or BX (Metal Sheathed) cable through the joists. Now give a homeowner some conduit and a bender and be prepared to hear a chuckle and a few choice words. Knowing how to bend conduit will save you time and undoubtedly keep you from pulling your hair out.

But, how do you bend the stuff? Wrap it around a tree? Drive over it with your car? My personal favorite is bending it over your knee. All good guesses, but that wouldn’t make it look very professional, now would it? There is method to the madness and I’ll teach some of the tricks of the trade that will make your bending nightmares disappear.

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