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How to Bend Conduit with Confidence


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Measuring and Marking for Bending a 90 Degree Bend
Marking and readying to bend conduit.

Marking and readying to bend conduit.

Timothy Thiele
The first step in bending a 90° bend is to determine how long the bend needs to be. Let’s say that you’re running a piece of ¾ inch pipe straight down a wall. Now you need to turn it into a box that is 12 inches from the wall.

Because the bender has a take-up of 6 inches from the starting arrow on the bender to the back of the bending shoe, mark a line in pencil six inches from the end of the conduit. This way, the six inches plus the take-up six inches add up to 12 inches, which is just what you wanted.

Now place the front of the bender over the pipe and line up the arrow on the front, right side of the bender shoe with the line you marked on the pipe. The arrow should be an inch or so back from the front of the shoe.

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