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How To Hang a Ceiling Fan, Connect Wires, Secure Housing
A photo of ceiling fan wiring and connections.

A photo of ceiling fan wiring and connections.

Timothy Thiele

In order to hang the ceiling fan, first connect the wires and then secure the ceiling fan housing. The ceiling fan housing has two slots on one side. Place these over the two clips on the fan support housing that is attached to the junction box. this will allow the fan to hang securely while you make the electrical connections.

Connect the white wires together (neutrals), the black wires together (the light feed), the green wires together (the ground), and the red wire to the fan connection wire (marked "fan" with a tag). Use wire nuts to make these connections and then tuck these wires neatly in the area around the support bracket. Remember, the housing cover will need to cover these wires and none of the wires can be sticking out from under the cover. Once everything is connected, lift the fan and line the cover holes up with the bracket. Secure the cover with the screws provided and tighten snugly. This step may require an additional person to either hold the fan or insert and tighten the screws.

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