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How to Install Junction Boxes


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How to Install Junction Boxes: First Turn Off the Power
A photo of a breaker being shut off.

Turning Off a Breaker - Photo

Timothy Thiele
The National Electrical Code says that no splices are allowed outside of junction boxes. It has been my experience, however, that many older homes have plenty of them around. A wire splice should always be placed in a protective box and covered with a box cover. Before correcting this problem, as with any other electrical fix, turn the power off to the circuit that you'll be working on. This may involve turning off a circuit breaker or unscrewing a fuse. Safety should be your first concern. Use a tester to check the connection and see that it really is off before proceeding. Check for power between the hot wire and the neutral wire to see if there is any power present. Once you know the power is off, take the wire splices apart so that junction box can be added.

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