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Electrical Books & Reviews

Electrical books and reviews can be very helpful when a picture is worth a thousand words. Look over some top picks that will aid you in your electrical installations and repairs.

Ideal Industries Introduces SureTrace™ Circuit Tracers
Ideal industries has introduced a new line of circuit tracers better than ever before.

The Home How-To Handbook - Electrical
This is a nice reference book for how-to electrical projects. It gives quick tips on how to do some projects.

Whirlpool Duet Front-load Washer
Front-load washers, like the Whirlpool Duet washers, have some advantages over the top load washers. They are commercial grade washers and are much larger than a standard top-load washer. Because of their size and because they have no agitator in the middle of the drum, they can hold more clothes. Can you guess how many pairs of jeans this unit can wash?

Tripp Lite Surge Protection - Surge Suppressor - Model # TLP810NET
Learn why this Tripp Lite surge protection device is among the best on the market.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Compact fluorescent light bulbs are the newest energy-savers in the "green" revolution. This type of bulb requires less energy for the same amount wattage.

National Electric Code Books
The National Electric Code is the "Bible" of electrical rules, regulations and standards.

2008 National Electric Code Products
Find the latest in books, software, reference and exam study guides for the new 2008 National Electric Code. The NEC is the most widely used and accepted electrical codes for electrical safety in the United States. New features include boosted public safety, emergency preparedness, Code usability, and worker protection.

Electrical History by Tom Henry
So you think that Edison invented the light bulb, Marconi the radio, Bell the telephone, Morse the telegraph? In this book you'll find out differently. Find out who did the inventing and who made them famous by learning the history of electrical.

Safe and Simple Electrical Experiments
Learning the basic principles of electricity are made fun and easy in this book. It is filled with detailed instructions and illustrations that will teach you how electricity works.

Code Check - Electrical
This code reference book covers many aspects of the electrical industry and includes electrical safety.

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