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The Home How-To Handbook - Electrical

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The Home How-To Handbook - Electrical

The Home How-To Handbook - Electrical

Timothy Thiele

The Bottom Line

This is a very nice reference book with many electrical projects covered. With a little more detailed information, the guide ranking would go up. For a basic reference book, it does the job. If you need a detailed book with pictures for every step of the project, keep searching.


  • It is a nice reference book for quick electrical tips.
  • Has some nice tips for remodeling or adding boxes and circuits in older homes.
  • I like the pro tip sections that give recommendations and suggestions.


  • Not as detailed as I'd like to have if I needed to see every step.
  • I'd like to see more references to safety throughout the pages of the book.


  • The book covers electrical basics.
  • The book covers electrical materials.
  • The book covers electrical tools.
  • The book covers electrical know-how.
  • The book covers lighting projects.
  • The book covers heating and cooling projects.
  • The book covers home electronics.
  • The book covers adding and extending circuits.
  • The book covers troubleshooting electrical circuits.

Guide Review - The Home How-To Handbook - Electrical

The Home How-To Handbook for electrical projects is a nice addition to your collection of electrical how-to projects. I would advise having other reference books handy if you're going to tackle complicated projects. Although this book gives a lot of insight, it lacks every step of a step-by-step project, which could be critical to the beginner. For a seasoned veteran who just needs a refresher course, this book will serve nicely. All in all, I would keep the book around for an occasional reference here and there.
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