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Electrical Safety & Security

Learn electrical safety in the home covering decoding wires, testing circuits, turning on/off power, safety tips, proper grounding and what to wear.

What is Grounding and How Does it Work?
Grounding and electricity go hand in hand. In fact, to safely use electrical devices, equipment, appliances, and tools, make sure that your connection is grounded properly. Here's why grounding is important.

Polarized Receptacles…What Are They?
If you have an older home, you may still have polarized receptacles in it. Find out what they are and why you may want to change them for safety reasons.

Three Earthquakes in 48 Hours Rock the World
In only 48 hours, a string of earthquakes have rocked areas of the world.

The Dangers Of Metal Roofing
Many people today are installing metal roofs to replace the conventional singles they once had.  But what are the dangers associated with metal roofs?

Why Do My Fuses Blow Or My Circuit Breakers Trip?
Fuses and circuit breakers are used to protect electrical circuits. But when fuses blow or circuit breakers trip, do you know why? Do you know what to do to get the circuit working again? One you can reset while the other needs replacing. Find out why and how to make the circuit work again.

Garage Door Safety
Electric garage doors are convenient, but they often pose a real danger when people don't heed the safety instruction that come with them.

Do An Electrical Inspection Before You Buy A Home
Before you buy a home, you should inspect or have a professional inspect your electrical installation and its components. Make sure that the home is up to safety standards as required by the National Electrical Code. You should have an electrical service that is large enough to supply the home and have room for future expansion. The wiring...

Clothes Closet Lighting Do's And Don'ts
Closets and storage areas have specific lighting rquirements as per the National Electrical Code. Find out what they are before you buy a light.

Top Ten Quick Safety Tips for Working Safely With Electricity
When working with electricity, you must respect its power and the dangers associated with it. If the power is on, it is not safe or smart to work safely. That’s why you’ll hear me preach time and again to turn off the power to the circuit that you are working on! Even experienced electricians have felt electricity’s wrath at one time or...

Hurricane Earl Threatens The East Coast...Be Prepared!
The first day of September in 2010 could be remembered as the start of the east coast hurricane, Earl. As hurricane warnings go out, now is the time to get prepared for the storm, not after it arrives.

Indoor and Outdoor Electrical Wiring Safety Codes
Indoor and outdoor electrical wiring has specific building codes that should be followed to ensure electrical safety around the home. The National Electrical Code has specific regulation that need to be followed for your safety.

Childproofing Your Home's Receptacles
Find out how to easily and effectively childproof your home's receptacles.

Working With Electricity Safely
Any time that you are working on an electrical project, safety should be your nuber one concern. With these seven tips, you'll hopefully have a productive and safe electrical project.

Ladder Safety
When working with electricity or on electrical circuit or equipment, ladder safety should be observed. There are many different types of ladders and they are made of different materials. Metal ladders should never be used when dealing with electricity. Always choose a nonconductive ladder made of wood or fiberglass.

Wrong Light Bulb Wattage
Light bulbs can burn out from time to time and should always be replaced with the right wattage light bulb for the light fixture that you are installing it in.

Insulated Electrical Tool Grips
The use of these electrical tools with safety grips can protect you from electrical shock.

Live Line Demo
Live Line Demo, Inc. is owned by Kyle Finley of Alvin, Illinois and is in the business of educating people about electrical safety around power lines.

Testing Electrical Testers For Safety
Electrical testers are great for testing to see if circuits and devices have voltage running to them, but is the tester really functioning properly?

Amperage Not Voltage Kills
There are many dangers associated with electricity. The real danger with electrical shock is amperage, not voltage.

What To Do In The Event Of Electrical Burns
Electrical burns are a direct result of electric current passing through a body by coming into contact with a live electrical circuit.

Heat Stress
Excessive heat on the jobsite can be a danger to anyone. As you work, your body builds up heat and disperses sweat to help cool you off. Sometimes, however, your body cannot cool off fast enough. This can be caused by dehydration. You see, your body needs time to absorb water in order to hydrate the body. If you are heat stressed, just drinking water after the fact isn't a quick fix.

Electrical Devices You Need When Storms Hit
Before severe storms hit your home, be prepared by having the right electrical devices in standby mode.

Kitten and Cat Safety Around Electricity
Find out why the curious kitten and cat in your house may be in danger of electrocution.

Lightning Protection With Lightning Rods
Save your home from lightning strikes with the addition of lightning rods to your home.

Electrical Safety Checklist
Each year, electrical accidents kill over a thousand people and injure tens of thousands more. Most, if not all, of these could have been avoided by correcting and updating potential electrical hazards. Don't wait until trouble arises to find the problems. By using this electrical safety checklist, you'll be able to determine potential problems before they arise.

Safe Clearances For Overhead Power Lines
Overhead power lines have some strict guidelines for height clearances over streets, sidewalks, alleys, roads, and driveways.

Use UL-Listed Devices
By using UL-listed devices, you'll know they have been tested and are safe to use.

Dangers of Closet Lights Without Globes
There are dangers associated with light fixture bulbs that are not covered with a globe in an area like a closet.

Kentucky Left Powerless After Masive Ice Storm
More than 525,000 were left powerless in Kentucky following a massive ice storm.

Top Electrical Safety Tips
Electrical safety is everyone's responsibility. Electrical safety should be observed every time you even think about touching something connected to an electrical circuit. With the invention of electrical testers, circuits are easy to test and with circuit breakers and fuses, circuits can be shut off to avoid contact with electricity all together. Electrical safety often comes into play when b…

Top Three Natural Disasters of 2008
Living in the mid-section of the United States posed some particularly trying weather conditions in 2008. Natural disasters were all around us and it seems that the global warming that we've all heard so much about has only made the strength and frequency of the storms more destructive.

Don't Overload Circuits With Christmas Lights
This Christmas, avoid adding too many strings of Christmas lights to any one circuit that would cause a circuit overload and a possible electrical fire.

What is an Arc Fault and What Causes It?
Learn what an arc fault is and what causes it. Find out why it's important to protect against it.

Where to Place Smoke Detectors in Your Home
Learn where to place smoke detectors in your home.

Harvest Safety
As you drive around the countryside, you’ll notice school buses full of children off to school, spider webs flying, corn and beans plants turning brown, and farmers readying their equipment for the fall harvest season. Every year farmers deal with many dangers around the farms and fields of America. Slow moving vehicles, moving parts on...

Returning to Flooded Homes
When flood waters suddenly inundate your home without warning, the damage can be catastrophic. You're suddenly forced from your home because of rising water and many times, everything must be left behind. But when is it safe to return and start cleaning up?

Downed Power Lines – Hurricane Hazards
Hurricanes and other inclement weather cause power outages and downed power lines. This article takes a look at what to do and what not to do in and around downed power lines. Electrical safety practices should be followed in natural disasters.

Drip Loops - What is a Drip Loop?
Learn just what a drip loop is, its purpose, and the advantages of using one around your aquarium. Fresh Aquarium guide, Shirlie Sharpe, gives us an inside look at why it's a good idea to loop your electrical cord connection when dealing with water.

Halloween Haunted House Displays
Halloween is just around the corner and electrical safety should be observed. Trick or treaters will come strolling up the long pathway to your haunted house in search of candy and goodies. When setting up the spooky Halloween haunted house displays, remember to practice electrical safety. Your displays can be both scary and safe for the little ghouls and goblins.

Protect It With Surge Protection
Surge protectors are designed to protect your expensive electronic devices. These devices can eliminate noise on wiring that often interferes with signal transmissions between devices. Although they are not designed to stop high-powered surges like lightning strikes, surge protectors are worth their weight in gold. Lighting protection should be addressed by installing lightning rods on your h…

Six Ways to Prevent Electrical Shock
Working with electrical circuits can be dangerous if you don’t take certain safety precautions. This is a sensible look at preventing electrical shock. These tips will help keep you safe.

Memorial Day Weekend Means Camping and Camping Safety!
Memorial Day weekend is upon us once again and the thrill of getting out into the great outdoors knocks as the camping season is ready to get into full swing! If your camper is like mine, it is going to need a lot of cleaning and freshening up before you hook it to the hitch on the truck for the journey to the land of the great outdoors of your favorite campground. Here is an electrical safety list that will keep you safe over the weekend.

Preventing Home Fires with AFCIs
Arcing and sparking electrical outlets have been known to cause house fires. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters are designed to protect your home.

Electrical Outlet Safety
An extensive look at electrical safety with electrical outlets in the home. This piece explains which outlet is best.

Electrical Emergencies
Find out some great tips on what to do if an electrical emergency arises.

Generator Safety
Observe these tips for keeping everyone safe when operating a portable generator. Learn how transfer switches can keep linemen safe from feedback voltage.

Kids And Electrical Safety
This safety article tells the statistics of children injured by electricity every day of the year. In an effort to curve this trend, new safety devices are being manufactured.

Electrical Shock Experiences
If you've ever been shocked by an electrical circuit, we'd love to hear about your experience. By hearing everyone's shocking moments, we can all learn to be a little more safety concious! By practicing electrical safety each and every day, you can keep your family free of electrical dangers. See submissions

Working Safely With Electricity By Being Insulated
When working with electricty, there are some things that could keep you from getting shocked, or at least, lessen its effects on your body if you do come in contact with it. The more that you are insulted from electricity, the less the chance that you will become its path to ground, thus shocking you.

Checking For Incorrect Electrical Wiring
Inspecting electrical connections to terminals, devices, and other wires takes only a few minutes, but the benefit could be saving your home from...

TV Antenna Safety
Learn a few of the guidelines to having a TV tower and the function that the antenna performs.

What Are Key-chain Remote Controls Used For?
This unique little device will not leave you in the dark when you get home.

Remote-control Monitoring Systems
Here's a great remote control monitoring system that no home should be without.

Electrical Safety Lessons
This is a look at some of the electrical safety issues, lessons, and devices that can help keep you safe. You'll learn how to prepare for electrical dangers and how to prevent them all together.

Childproofing Your Home From Electrical Dangers
Here's a great way to make your home safe for small children.

Electrical Safety Tidbits
Here's a look at safety when working with electricity.

Hydromassage Bathtub Electrical Codes
learn the electrical codes and safety requirements associated with hydromassage tubs.

Choosing The Best Grounding Materials
A grounding system is comprised of a ground rod, wiring to connect it to a service panel, and a ground buss. It is a very important part of your electrical system to ensure electrical safety.

Helping a Shock Victim Safely
There are certain dangers that may exist when you encounter a shock victim. Here are the safe ways to approach and help a shock victim.

Color Coding of Electric Wires and Terminal Screws and Their Function
Learn what color wire goes where on switch and outlets terminals and why.

GFCI Testing For Potential Problems
GFCI outlnets offer a great electrical safety barrier between you and the supply of electricity in your home. By installing these GFCI outlets in your home according to the instructions, you have a better chance of them functioning properly. However, you should also follow the periodic testing of these devices to ensure they remain functioning optimally throughout the years to come.

Triple-threat of Storms Devastate West Coast...Round One
November 20th,2012 starts the triple-threat of storms that are pummeling the West Coast. One storm has already hit, leaving the west in a state of emergency. Everything from wind to rain to snow to mudslides to ice storms to avalanches is either happening or a real possibility.

What is Carbon Monoxide?
Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal as it suffocates a person without warning, being tasteless, odorless and oxygen-depleting. Find out the specifics on carbon monoxide and how to keep from becoming a victim in this informative article.

What Causes Carbon Monoxide?
Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer, but where does it come from? Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal as it suffocates a person without warning, being tasteless, odorless and oxygen-depleting. Find out the specifics on carbon monoxide and how to keep from becoming a victim in this informative article.

What Are The Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?
Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat to each of us every day. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that sneaks up on you and can cause death or disabling conditions. Here's a look at how different levels of exposure affect your body.

How Does Carbon Monoxide Kill?
Carbon monoxide is a real threat to life as we know it. It can disable and even kill you in the comfort of your home. It is known as the silent killer and here is how it does just that!

Carbon Monoxide...The Silent Killer
Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal as it suffocates a person without warning, being tasteless, odorless and oxygen-depleting. Find out the specifics on carbon monoxide and how to keep from becoming a victim in this informative article.

What is an Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter?
Here is the definition of an arc-fault circuit-interrupter.

Top 6 Electrical Testers
To perform electrical work safely, use these electrical testers.

Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis and Electrical Safety
Here is a comprehensive look at electrical safety issues associated with swimming pools, hot tubs, and jacuzzis.

Learn how to treat electricity and electrical equipment to stay safe. Learn what you can do if someone has been electrocuted.

Receptacle Wire Connections
If you've ever wondered why one connection method to a receptacle, often called an outlet, is better than another, this is the article for you.

Electric Dryer Projects and Fixes
A comprehensive look at electric dryer wiring, including the dryer itself, cord connections, outlets connections, dryer connection safety, testing and more!

Generator Guidelines and Safety
When the power goes out, be prepared and have a backup generators ready to supply power to your home. Here's a look at do's and don'ts of generators that can help keep you safe and have lights when your neighbors don't.

Christmas Light Check
When your Christmas lights don't light when you plug them in this year, here's what to check first.

Detecting Motion and Body Heat With Motion Detectors
Installing a motion detector light is the first step to stopping intruders from approaching your home. Here's a look at the benefits of them and how they work.

Wireless Switching Stradegies
It may be hard to believe but there are actually switches that control lighting that require no wiring. You may have a few around your home without even knowing it. One is a photo eye on your utility light or porch light. When it gets dark, the switch activates and makes the circuit, turning on the light. Another is a motion sensor. This switch senses movement and that turns the switch on to light the light. There are also audio-activated switches like the "Clapper". as seen on TV. Then there are remote control switches that transmit a signal to a device plugged into your outlet that your light is plugged in to. As you can see, hardwired lighting switches are not the only type switches in and around your home.

Outdoor Lighting Options
Outdoor lighting comes in many shapes and sizes. From low voltage lighting to security lighting, the options go on and on. Let'stake a look at the many outdoor lighting options.

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