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Halloween Haunted House Displays

Electrical Safety at Halloween


When designing the frightful walk towards your haunted house, Halloween safety should be kept in mind. Don’t forget to implement electrical safety for your young trick or treaters. Dark and spooky scenes really add to the drama of haunting the young ghouls and goblins. With this in mind, remember to allow enough lighting around spooky figurines and gravestones so that no one gets hurt.

Light the Ghostly Pathway to Safety

The haunting walkway to the haunted house is the first impression that people get of your spooktacular display. Lighting around scary objects in this area should be lit well enough to expose obstacles to the visitors. Shadows and what lurks around them add to the frightful approach. These same obstacles may also become trip hazards that can lead to preventable injuries. By placing flood lights that are shining towards the ground in order to illuminate pathways, you can provide ample lighting for safety and still preserve the scary effects that you are looking for.

Spooky Figurines and Display Items

Lighting that has to shine up onto figurines should be placed in a manner that they aren’t shining into the eyes of the visitors during their walk to and from the haunted house. You don’t want anyone to literally go to their grave after tripping over a headstone.

Doorways of Doom and Spider-webbed Stairways

Keep in mind that the entrance door should be brightly lit so as to avoid accidents. The perimeter lighting can remain low and add to the spook effect. Always provide plenty of lighting to stairs and dips in the pathway so that none gets injured.

Pumpkin Light Strands and Rope Lights

Pumpkin light strands and rope lights can add outlines to your frightening displays. These same lights can become a shock or fire hazard if they are not installed properly. Mount the lights in a manner that they are not stretched or being used to support a figurine. If you must place staples to hold the lights in place, be sure not to run the staple through the light or extension cord that feeds it.

Haunting Lighting Overloads

When attaching lighting to extension cords, don’t overload an outlet circuit by plugging too many lights into it. This only causes the wiring to overheat and can cause the wiring to catch fire. Instead, spread the lighting load over different circuits or lessen the lighting load.

Witchy Outlet and Lighting Safety

Be sure that the lighting that you use outside is approved for outdoor use. The lighting and extension cords should be UL approved for safety. More importantly, all of the outlets that these are plugged in to should be a GFCI protected. Always turn off lighting displays when the evening haunting is finished. A freakish fire caused by short circuit in a lighting circuit would be a grave mistake to make.

Frightful Electrical Extension Cords

Extension cords should be rated for the same amperage as the circuit supplying it. If you have a 20-amp circuit, feed it with a 12-2 extension cord. Replace any cords that are frayed or show signs of wear. Insure that extension cords are equipped with ground wires and that all of the electrical connections are tight and secure. Avoid crossing pathways and high traffic areas where you can. If you must cross them, place tape over the cords to avoid a trip hazard and safeguard the cords. Tape the cord connections so as to avoid moisture from contacting the plugs. Rain and ground moisture can affect their operation and a cord lying in water could cause a dangerous situation.

Shivering Special Effects

If you plan on adding a fog machine to you arsenal of creepy ground effects, make sure not to overdo it. The pathway has to be visible and all obstacles must be in clear focus. Specialty sound effects that add the spine-chilling screams and shrills shouldn’t be so loud that they hurt the ears of visitors and disrupt the neighbors. Flashing strobe lights shouldn’t shine in anyone’s eyes or towards traffic.

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