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Dangers of Closet Lights Without Globes


Porcelain Pull Chain Light Fixture

Porcelain Pull Chain Light Fixture

Timothy Thiele

There are dangers associated with light fixture bulbs that are not covered with a globe in an area like a closet. These bare light bulbs often get very hot and can become an ignition source to start a fire in your home. These light bulbs are usually found in attics, closets and crawl spaces. The worst case scenario usually is a closet light. This will either be a plastic or porcelain light fixture, with or without a pull chain.

The danger starts when this hot bulb is either placed too close to combustible materials and they touch or nearly touch the light bulb, or something in the closet falls off of a shelf and right into contact with the bulb.

By installing a light fixture that has a glass globe, the combustible materials will not be able to come into contact with the light bulb, thus nearly eliminating the chance of a fixture starting a fire. Be sure to leave ample room around light fixtures when storing thing s in a closet. This will lessen the dangers of a fire and bring you peace of mind.

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