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Kitten and Cat Safety Around Electricity

Why Nine Lives May Not Be Enough


We've all heard the old wives tale about cats and their nine lives. It seems they just miss getting run over by a car, narrowly escape the jaws of a neighbor's dog, or survive the fall from a tree. But what happens when a cat or kitten tangles with electricity? This encounter can be devastating if not fatal.

It seems, kittens and cats are of the curious nature and have a bad habit of finding trouble. They like to scratch, claw, climb on things, and bite and chew things.

This is where the trouble all begins. You see, an electrical cord often resembles the yarn that you often use to play with them. They chew into it and it can not only burn their mouths, but also do far more damage than you think.

Like extension cords, telephone lines are also tempting to cats and kittens. If these become a problem, cover them with rugs or duct tape.

Another danger in homes is gas and electric ranges or stoves. These stove tops become very hot when heated and the electric coils and glass-top stoves stay hot for some time after they are turned off. You should train your cat to keep off of these items before injuries occur.

While we're on the subject, don't leave your iron's cord dangling where your cat can pull the iron off on top of him.

And of course, don't forget the Christmas lights and decorations.

And here's one you may not have thought of, clothes dryers and washers. Not only can they get behind them and chew on the cords, but they are very sly and can jump into the drum when you're loading clothes. Be careful or you'll be calling your cat fluffy!

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