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Electric Chain Saws...Pros and Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Electric Chain Saw


Electric chainsaws have their advantages and disadvantages. They run on your home's ordinary 120-volt circuit via a receptacle. Just plug in an extension cord, plug the cord into the chain saw, and you're ready to cut wood. Here are some reasons to and not to buy electric chain saws for your choice of wood cutting tools.


  1. Electric chain saws use no gas/oil mixtures like the portable models do, thus saving the expense of costly products.
  2. Electric chainsaws are relatively cheap in price o purchase, compared to the gas type chainsaws.
  3. With the same type blade and chain setup, electric chainsaws can cut logs like a gas model.
  4. Electric chainsaws are lightweight and easy to handle.
  5. You can transport an electric chainsaw in your can without fears of a gas or oil leak.


  1. Electric chainsaws are limited in blade length, thus limiting their cutting ability.
  2. Using an electric chainsaw is limited to the access of an electric receptacle and the connection distance from it.
  3. Because of their smaller size and motor feed, electric chainsaws won't have the RPM's and torque you'll get with a gas chainsaw.
  4. There are dangers using an electric chainsaw that involve dangers of electrocution and the dangers of cutting the extension cord.
  5. Because of their plastic housing, they are susceptible to breaking if they are dropped and their life expectancy is less than that of a gas chainsaw.

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