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Generators and Alternate Power Supplies

Learn how generators, solar power and wind power can keep the electricity flowing in your home during good weather and bad.

Battery Backup Garage Door Openers
The use of your garage door makes getting into the garage easy, but what a hassle to have to get out when the power is out to manually lift the door. Now, there's a garage door opener that can lift the door even if the power is off due to power outages.

Top 10 Solar Energy Uses
In the world of renewable and sustainable alternative power supplies, solar energy is free for the taking. These are my top ten solar energy uses in a home.

How Do Geothermal Systems Work?
Geothermal systems use the temperature of the earth below ground as a heating a cooling starting point to naturally provide heating and cooling to your home.

Are There Alternative Power Sources?
If you've ever wondered if there is a choice to powering your home or lessening your electric or heating bills through an alternative power source, these articles may be the starting point. Wind power, solar power and other forms of everyday free access power-generating supplies can be used to make power for your home in order to supplement the utility company feed that you currently have.

How Much Does A Solar Power Cost ?
Solar power can be a great alternative to paying for power from the utility company, but what are the costs?

What Is Solar Power?
Learn what photovoltalic solar cells are and what they are used for.

Harnessing Electricity From The Wind With Windspire
Windspire is an add-on wind generator to work with the utility company's feed to power your home.

Portable Generator Do's And Don'ts
To ensure safe operation of a portable generator, here is a list of do's and don'ts.

Harvesting Electricity From The Air
There is a new concept in generating electricity and it comes from already existing structures.

Tired of High Gas Prices? Try an Electric Car!
Find out how to beat the high prices at the pumps by choosing an electric car.

Ice Storms and Power Outages
Find out how you can prepare for ice storms like the ones bearing down on the Midwest in mid December.

Is Congress Taking the Wind Out of Renewable Energy?
Renewable energy investors and companies have been able to benefit from $500 million in tax credits, at least up until the end of the year. Unless Congress act get their act together and renew these incentives, the future of wind and solar energy expansion is uncertain.

Hurricane Gustav – Electrical Readiness - Preparing For Hurricane Gustav
Learn what you'll need to do to be electrically ready when the next hurricane threatens the US. Electrical readiness by preparing early is the key to riding the storm out! Learn what to do before and during the storm to be safe when dealing with electricity. Remember this, if you don't remember anything else, electricity and water don't mix!

Lights Out! Be Weather Ready!
The dog days of summer bring hot, humid days and severe weather right on along with them. These storms can produce high winds, tornados and hurricanes. Severe storms have a way of causing power outages and can leave you in the dark if you’re not prepared. It’s time to plan ahead for the worst case scenario. Find out how battery backup lighting and portable generators can save the day. Don't be left out in the dark!

Simple Depiction of How a Generator Transfer Switch Works
This is a very simple diagram of how a transfer switch is connected.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power
Solar power is a way to become more independent and in this article, you'll learn the advantages and disadvantages of going solar.

Alternate Power, Inc. - Frequently Asked Questions
To help you understand generators and how they work, this article covers frequently asked questions about generators.

When power is no where to be found in remote areas, these wind powered generators may be the answer. These turbines turn wind into DC power and can be converted to AC to run your normal outlet.

Produce Electricity In Your Backyard
There's a big, free power source up in the sky just waiting to be tapped by you. It's free and it can produce electricity for you by installing a wind generator. Big business is doing it across the nation and now, so can you.

Solar Power Electrical Systems...Unplugging From the Utility Company
With this solar power system you can literally disconnect from the utility company and produce your own power!

Solar Water Heaters - Solar Water Heating Systems
Find out how to have the sun heat your water for free!

Top Solar Power and Solar Energy Articles
If you've ever considered solar power to be your choice of an alternative power source or just an addition to what you already have, here is a great list of solar energy and power articles to lead you through the decision.

Generator Backup Systems
Here's a great way to childproof your home from potential electrical hazards.

What are Photovoltaics?
Photovoltaics are a clean, free way to harvest electrical power from the sun's rays through the use of solar cells. Solar power is a never-ending supply of electricity that can greatly reduce your dependancy on utility company power and your electric bill. This free power source isn't really free though. In order to harvest this power source,...

Triple-threat of Storms Devastate West Coast...Round One
November 20th,2012 starts the triple-threat of storms that are pummeling the West Coast. One storm has already hit, leaving the west in a state of emergency. Everything from wind to rain to snow to mudslides to ice storms to avalanches is either happening or a real possibility.

Solar Power...Let The Sun Shine
Learn how solar power transformers sunlight into electrical power.

Get Ready For Hurricane Season
Being prepared for the electrical power outages should already be your minds if you live in this area. Now is the time to get prepared for the hurricane that could hit the US by early this weekend. These simple readiness tips will keep you ahead of the storm.

Photovoltaic Panels...Can Solar Cells Really Extract Electricity From The Sun?
Collecting electricity from the sun is accomplished by using photovoltaic panels, better known as solar cells. Determining the cost effectiveness and installation cost of the system is the first step in considering purchasing a PV system.

Generator Guidelines and Safety
When the power goes out, be prepared and have a backup generators ready to supply power to your home. Here's a look at do's and don'ts of generators that can help keep you safe and have lights when your neighbors don't.

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