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Battery Backup Lights


Backup Lighting

Backup Lighting

Timothy Thiele

Battery Backup Lights

Battery backup lighting is plugged into an existing outlet in your home. It is fed by a cord or can be hard wired.

The lights are fed with 120 volts and the voltage is transformed to either 6 or 12 volts direct current. When plugged in, the batteries are charged by the transformer, keeping them fresh and ready to use.

With the power on, the 120 volts opens a switch from the batteries to the lights, which leaves them turned off. When you unplug the cord or the power goes out, the switch from electricity to battery is made and the lights turn on automatically!

Placement of the backup lights in your home is critical. Position each light to give the greatest overall coverage for safe walking conditions. Stairways, hallways, basements, utility rooms and exit routes to doorways should be the main focus.

If you’re not sure exactly where you need a light, try turning the lights out and use a flashlight as a guide to placing the backup lights. It’s no fun falling down (or up) stairs.

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