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We depend on heaters, air conditioners and fans to keep us comfortable in our homes. Learn how electric heaters, water heaters, air conditioners, fans, ventilation and ceiling fans are wired and used in homes. Step-by-step articles will take you through the steps safely.

Wire A Bathroom
Wiring a bathroom requires more than one circuit at times and here are the circuits you'll need for the following parts of a functional bathroom wiring scheme.

Nest, The Smart Learning Thermostat
Here is the latest innovative thermostat that learns your living habits and sets the heating and cooling for you.

Heating - Seasonal Heating Needs - Furnaces
Find the latest information about various heaters and heating options.

Steps to Choosing the Right Fan For Your Home
When you are trying to decide which fan is needed where in your home, this article will give you the insight you need.

Heat - Dealing With Extreme Heat - Heat Stress
When summer releases its heat that is out to bake you and your family, you need to be prepared to beat the heat with some no-nonsense, sure-fire methods. I'm asking you, the public, what are your secret techniques to beat the heat?

Central Air Conditioner DIY
Central air conditoners provide whole-house cooling for your home, but you need to know how to take care of it to keep it running in tip-top shape.

Remote Thermostat Controls
Thermostats control your heating and cooling in your home and are normally within reach in a room in your house, but now you can actually control the settings of your thermostat through your computer, no matter where you are.

What Is a Remote Thermostat?
Temperature control via a thermostat can be convenient with the use of a remote thermostat control.

Ceiling Fans - Ceiling Fan Blade-Balancing Kits Eliminate Wobbling - Heating...
Ceiling Fans - Ceiling Fan Blade-Balancing Kits Eliminate Wobbling - Heating And Cooling

Wintertime Heating Options And Safety Tips
As winter approaches and the temperature plummets, the need for heat in your home becomes more important. Portable and fixed heating are used to heat the home. These heating and safety tips will keep the winter months both warm and safe for you and your family!

Choosing A Ceiling Fan
Choosing a ceiling fan is easier and harder than ever before. There are fans that will match or fit into just about any architectural style home that you may have. That makes it harder to decide which one to choose and easier to find the exact one to personalize your home.

Air Conditioning Chart
Air conditioners cool your home and sizing the air conditioner to the room size is essential for proper efficiency and cooling capacity. Air conditioners are rated in BTU's and the BTU rating determines the cooling capacity in square footage of the living area to be cooled.This air conditioning chart will help you choose the air conditioner to best cool your room.

Proper Ventilation In A Home
Proper ventilation and air flow are essential for both a healthy home and the family that lives in it. Air flow and ventilation control the amount of fresh air in a home, the humidity level, and equalize the air temperature of the rooms. By properly utilizing these techniques, you can keep your home free from smelly, stale air.

Have a Healthy, Comfortable Home With Proper Ventilation
A key to a healthy, comfortable home is ventilation. The use of exhaust fans, ceiling fans, and bath fans can keep a home's indoor air quality from becoming too humid, dry, stale, dusty, or mildew ridden.

What Are Air Exchangers?
Air exchanges, often referred to as heat-recovery ventilators, draw in fresh outside air and replace the stale inside air within your home.

Eliminating Ceiling Fan Noise
If your ceiling fan is making a lot of noise lately, this article is for you.

Electric Water Heater Element Problems
Diagnosing electric water heater problems can be a snap if you know the shortcuts in finding the problems. Why sometimes, it is as easy as turning on a faucet to find the answer.

Bathroom Vent Fan
Bathroom vent fans are a great way to remove hot, moist air from within a bathroom.

Heaters And Heating Tips
As winter approaches and the temperature plummets, the need for heat in your home becomes more important. Portable and fixed heating are used to heat the home. These heating and safety tips will keep the winter month both warm and safe for you and your family!

Gas Space Heater Tips
Find out how to choose a gas space heater before you buy.

Top Three Types Of Space Heaters
Space heaters are best used as supplemental heaters and are usually one of three types.

What Is A Furnace Switch?
Furnaces often have a furnace disconnect switch that is capable of disconnecting power to a gas furnace.

Straightening Bent Cooling Fins on Central Air Conditioners
Bent cooling fins on a central air conditioner's condensing coil can restrict air flow and lower the efficiency of the unit. Learn how straightening them can save you money.

Cleaning The Condenser Coil Of A Central Air Conditioner
Find out how to clean a central air conditoner's condensing coil to keep it functioning properly.

Lubricating The Fan Motor On Central Air Conditioners
Leran how lubricating the central air conditioner's fan can add to its life.

Maintaining Central Air Conditioners
Central air conditioners need routine maintenance to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. These simple steps will keep them cooling like they should.

What Are Central Air Conditioners And How Do They Work?
You've heard the term central air conditioner, but do you know what makes up a central air conditioner and what the parts of the central air conditioner are?

Recommended Electric Heating Wattage And Circuit Size For Living Areas
Learn what the recommended wattage is for the living area of a room of your home for electric heating.

Why Window Air Conditioners Freeze Up
A look at why window air conditioners often freeze up.

What Size Window Air Conditioner Do I Need
If it's time for a new window air conditioner, but you don't know what size you need, this chart will be helpful.

Keep Cool In The Summer Without Air Conditioning - Summer Cooling Tips
These simple but effect tips can keep you cool in the summer without the expense of running an air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Sizing
If you've ever wondered how to size air conditioners for your home, look at this article on air conditioner sizing.

Danger of Overloading Electrical Circuits With Portable Electric Heater
By connecting too many portable electric heaters to a single electrical circuit, it could result in an electrical fire and damage to your home.

Wire a Baseboard Heater Thermostat
Learn how to wire a baseboard heater thermostat.

Baseboard Heaters
A baseboard heater can add supplemental heat to a room that is drafty or colder than other rooms.

Instant Heat!
If you've ever turned on the hot water at the sink only to find cold water for a couple of minutes, then this will interest you! The Instant Flow Water Heater heats the water as it is being used. No more waiting for hot water!

Solar Space Heating
Learn how solar heating could be an alternative to high gas bills.

How does solar water heating work?
A nice piece on how solar water heaters work, how to install them how much they cost, and how to install them.

Do-It-Yourself Wind Turbine Project
This is a neat little project to learn the basics of how to build a wind turbine. They explain how to build a working 100-watt generator.

Energy-Saving Air Conditioning Tips
This company is out to save the earth. With these tip, your home will be more efficient and your utility bills will be more reasonable.

Save on Utility Bills in Ways You May Not Have Thought
Utility bills can take a chunk out of your pocketbook if you don't implement some savings techniques around the home. One of the easiest ways is to monitor useages in the home and you can start with hot water useage and ways to save on the expense of hot water.

Baseboard Heater Planning Tips
Before purchasing an electric heater, find out what to look at and find the best baseboard heater for the area in your home.

Electric Water Heaters
Electric water heaters are a safe way to provide hot water to your home. However, there are some things you'll need to do before replacing the old one.

Top 10 Solar Energy Uses
In the world of renewable and sustainable alternative power supplies, solar energy is free for the taking. These are my top ten solar energy uses in a home.

What Type of Fan Do You Need?
Here's a look at a vast selection of articles related to fans and their uses.

Radiant Floor Mats
Here's an innovative way to heat your floors electrically.

What Is a Recessed Wall Heater?
A recessed heater is a great option for small rooms and entrance rooms that don't have heating from the home's heating system. Here's why these are a great choice.

Spring Cleanup For Summer Cooling
As we head into spring and look forward to the summer months ahead, we should all remember our good friend the air conditioner. To keep these units functioning properly, one has to take care and maintain the unit, its components, the coil fins, and the area around them, especially the central air conditioner units. It's the maintenance of...

Seasonal Heating Needs and Options
As we roll into the fall and winter months, heating our home comes to be our #1 concern. Mny of you have gone green by adding a wood burning boiler or a geothermal heating system. Then there's the conventional heating methods like gas furnaces or electric heaters. The most common are baseboard and portable heaters. Some are 120-volt models,...

Energy Saving Window Air Conditioners
To increase energy savings, newer window air conditioners have an energy saver detting that turns the unit offand on while cooling the room. This saves you money on your electric bill.

How To Install a Baseboard Heater
Baseboard heaters are a nice addition to an area of your home that is drafty or colder than the rest of the house.

Bathroom Fan Locating Tips
Learn the secret tips to locating the best place for a bath fan in your bathroom.

Spring Cleaning Your Central Air Conditioner
Central air conditioners need a good spring cleaning so that they are ready to cool your home effectively and efficiently.

That Window Air Conditioner Looks Big Enough
When considering buying a window air conditioner, using this sizing chart before making a purchase will ensure the proper BTU size for the cooling needs of your home's room.

Summer Cooling Roundup
Here are some ways to cool your home and main=tain the equipmment.

24-Volt Thermostat Wiring For Single-Stage Heat Pump Systems
Single-stage heat pumps are easy to connect to thermostats if you follow this simple guide.

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