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Remote Thermostat Controls

Control your heating and air conditioning from anywhere via your computer.


Thermostats control your heating and cooling in your home and are normally within reach in a room in your house, but now you can actually control the settings of your thermostat through your computer, no matter where you are. The device is called a remote thermostat control. Like its name, it allows you to tell the thermostat what to do, even if you're not home. But how, you ask?

This monitoring system is mounted where your existing thermostat was and has a feature that makes it even better. In the event you cannot access a computer, you can simply call your thermostat and tell it what to do. By using a touch-tone phone, you can I guess we could call it the smart thermostat. Otherwise, you simply monitor and control the thermostat via a computer or at home with the manual controls.

If you've ever left on a trip and forgotten to turn the heat or air to a lower or higher level, you'll appreciate this device. You will also enjoy the comfort of having the temperature set so that when you come home it will be a comfortable temperature.

The remote thermostat control is easy to install, program, and operate. Using the existing thermostat wires and connecting to an existing phone line, the connections to the furnace, air conditioner and phone line will be complete. There is an addition to your system though. You will need to install a secondary thermostat that is wired in parallel. This give syou a primary thermostat for the temperature control when you are home and another for controlling the temperture when you are away.

I'd say the best features of this thermostat are things that don't even have anything to do with temperature. Remote thermostats acn also be used as watchdogs while you are away. With the proper additions for monitoring, you can have this device monitor for intrusions/forced entry into your home, water leaks, broken glass in windows, power failures, heating and cooling failure, many more monitoring features. It is nice to be able to look at the temperature of your home by giving you temperature updates, but the single best feature is that it calls you to tell you what is wrong. You can program up to eight phone numbers in the unit. That means it will keeping calling numbers until it connects with someone.

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