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How To Install a Baseboard Heater


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Adding A Baseboard Heater
An image of a portable electric heater.

Portable Electric Heaters

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Baseboard heaters are a nice addition to an area of your home that is drafty or colder than the rest of the house. Before purchasing a baseboard heater, plan the size based on the square footage of the room to be heated. Allow approximately 10 watts per square foot. With the proper size heater, baseboard heaters can be quite cost-efficient.

Baseboard heaters come in two varieties, 120-volt and 240-volt models. Of course, the 240-volt model is more efficient than the 120-volt model. The main purpose of baseboard heaters is to supply supplemental heat.

Both mount the same way on the lower portion of an outside wall. These heaters can be placed under windows if the manufacturer's recommendations allow for placement near curtains and furniture. Theses heaters should not be placed below outlets where cords will drape over the baseboard heater.

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