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Heaters And Heating Tips

Wintertime Heating Options And Safety Tips


As winter approaches and the temperature plummets, the need for heat in your home becomes more important. Portable and fixed heating are used to heat the home. These heating and safety tips will keep the winter months both warm and safe for you and your family!

1. Gas Space Heater Tips

An image of a gas furnace.

Both gas and electric space heaters are a great source of additional heat in a home when you want to heat just a room or two. These heaters are great when the power is on, but when the power suddenly goes out and you don't have a backup generator, having a gas space heater with a pilot light may be the answer.

2. Top Three Types Of Space Heaters

An image of a baseboard heater.
Timothy Thiele

Space heaters are an excellent way of warming up an individual room without turning up the thermostat to the entire house. These small portable heaters can be placed most anywhere in the house that flammable materials are not present. When used as supplemental heat sources, space heaters can reduce the home's overall heating bill.

3. What Is A Furnace Switch?

Furnace Switch
Timothy Thiele

Furnace disconnects sometimes incorporate both a fuse and a switch to disconnect power from a gas furnace. By unscrewing the fuse and/or shutting off the switch, you'll disconnect the power feeding the furnace. The fuse screws into the fuse socket and is covered by a metal lid that is hinged on one side.

4. Danger of Overloading Electrical Circuits With Portable Electric Heaters

Overloaded Electrical Wire
Timothy thiele

As the extreme cold snap takes a grip on your area, many times people are tempted to plug in portable electric heaters to add a little extra heat to rooms. Portable electric heaters are a nice addition to heat these rooms as long as you don't get carried away. The problems start when you connect too many heaters to the same circuit and cause a circuit overload. By overloading the circuit, the electrical wires and connection will heat up and trip the circuit breaker or blow the fuse it is connected to. Obviously there is a problem, but too often, people will just go and reset the breaker or change the fuse. If you reset a breaker too many times, it's likely that you'll weaken the breaker and have to change it.

5. How To Wire a Baseboard Heater Thermostat

An image of a baseboard heater thermostat.
Timothy Thiele

Baseboard heater thermostats are a great way of regulating the temperature of a room. Baseboard heaters can have the thermostats connected directly to the heater or mounted externally on a wall. Either way, they turn the power on and off to the unit, like a switch turns a light on and off.

6. What is a Baseboard Heater?

An image of a baseboard heater.
Timothy Thiele

Baseboard heaters can add supplemental heat to a room that is drafty or colder than other rooms. They come in different lengths to accommodate almost any room or application. These electric heaters radiate heat into a room and are placed on the outside wall of a home, usually the coldest wall. Baseboard heaters are also used in areas like bathrooms in garages where a little heat would be nice. Baseboard heaters provide a clean, safe and reliable heat source where adding more furnace registers isn't practical.

7. Recommended Electric Heating Wattage And Circuit Size For Living Areas

An image of a baseboard heater.
Timothy Thiele

Determining your electric heating needs is calculated by the room size. This includes the total living area of the room to be heated. Remember that if you are in a particularly cold area of the country, check with your local inspector or heating and cooling contractor for correct sizing for you area. Just because your electric baseboard heaters have thermostats, doesn't mean you can always turn it up high enough to keep up with the heating demands.

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