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Low Voltage Wiring & Devices

Low voltage devices run everything from thermostats to doorbells. Find out how to install and troubleshoot these devices.

Door Bell Troubleshooting
A doorbell, or a door chime as they are often called, is a convenient way for a visitor to alert you that they are at your front door. By simply pushing a button, a bell or chime is rung and you know there is someone either at the front or back door of your home. But what do you do when the button is pushed and it doesn't ring or chime?

Thermostat Guide
Thermostats come in many shapes and sizes. There are manual rotary thermostats and digital programmable thermostats. They run everything from water heaters to furnaces, to baseboard heaters.

Penny-pinching Heating Costs With Digital Thermostats
Heating your home can be more efficient by installing a programmable thermostat.

Troubleshooting Telephone Problems
Many people still have land-based telephones in their homes and they have their share of problems. This guide will walk you through ways to troubleshoot your telephone system for problems before you call the telephone company or their technition.

Low Voltage Transformers
Learn how a transformer converts 120-volt power to low voltage.

What are Low Voltage Rings?
Low voltage rings are metal or plastic rings. They are used for low voltage devices. Find out which devices attach to them and which do not.

What Thermostat Terminal Letters Mean
Learn what the letters on the terminals of a thermostat mean and what connects to each.

How to Wire a Telephone Jack
Learn how easy it is to wire a telephone jack.

How to Install F-Connectors
Learn how to install an F-Connector on coaxial cable.

Install a Digital Programmable Thermostat
Learn how simple it is to install a digital programmable thermostat.

Low-Voltage Home Lighting
Find out what the benefits of having low-voltage lighting around the home. You'll learn low-voltage basics and the types of equipment available.

In-wall Wiring Guide - Installing Speaker, Audio/Video, and Ethernet
A very detailed look at wiring low voltage devices. You'll find out what wire to use, what tools are needed, safety tips, how to route the wire, and what type of boxes to use.

Will Low Voltage Testing Damage Components?
Before testing any low-voltage equipment, look over this article about damage that occur if it's not tested properly.

What Are Multimedia Cables?
Here are the main low voltage cables used in your home for audio and video.

Door Chime Installation
Door chimes, sometimes called door bells, are a convenient way of having notification that someone is at one of your doors. Sometimes having someone knocking doesn't alert you to visitors, but having a centrally locted door chime to alert you can have its benefits.

Seasonal Heating Needs and Options
As we roll into the fall and winter months, heating our home comes to be our #1 concern. Mny of you have gone green by adding a wood burning boiler or a geothermal heating system. Then there's the conventional heating methods like gas furnaces or electric heaters. The most common are baseboard and portable heaters. Some are 120-volt models,...

Wireless Switching Stradegies
It may be hard to believe but there are actually switches that control lighting that require no wiring. You may have a few around your home without even knowing it. One is a photo eye on your utility light or porch light. When it gets dark, the switch activates and makes the circuit, turning on the light. Another is a motion sensor. This switch senses movement and that turns the switch on to light the light. There are also audio-activated switches like the "Clapper". as seen on TV. Then there are remote control switches that transmit a signal to a device plugged into your outlet that your light is plugged in to. As you can see, hardwired lighting switches are not the only type switches in and around your home.

24-Volt Thermostat Wiring For Single-Stage Heat Pump Systems
Single-stage heat pumps are easy to connect to thermostats if you follow this simple guide.

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