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Service Entrance Drops

Should You Choose Overhead or Underground?


Service Pole

Service Pole

Timothy Thiele

Service entrance drops are used to supply power to your home. They can be fed overhead or underground from the utility company’s power pole. In either case, a hot primary feed and a neutral feed are run from the utility company’s line to their transformer. From there, the transformer feeds two hot wires and a neutral to the service drop, either overhead or underground.

Overhead and underground service entrances are both acceptable and it is up to you as a homeowner to choose which is best for you. Overhead connections are above the ground and noticeable, whereas underground service feeds are very pleasing to the eye. There are dangers associated with both of these installations. Overhead wires can be a hazard for farm implements and tall trucks like dump trucks. There is also the danger of metal ladders and overhead wires. Underground wires have their dangers also. Having buried wires in the ground can leave the possibility of digging dangers. A great thing to do when the direct burial cable is installed is to make a map of the trenched line and take a picture, for future reference.

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