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How an Electrical System Works


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Service Entrance
Service Entrance

Service Entrance

Timothy Thiele
The utility company’s overhead service lines feed the transformer to step down the voltage to feed your home. It then travels to the weather head (service head) which is attached to a conduit connected to a meter box. This assembly is attached with anchor bolts and straps in order to support the weight of the pipe and wire.

Two 120 volt wires and a grounded neutral wire feed the meter through the weather head. The utility company is responsible for power to the meter and the homeowner takes it from there.

The service from the utility company to the meter is always live unless they come and turn it off. If there appears to be a problem on their side of the meter, don’t hesitate to call them to repair the problem. They have special equipment for just such repairs. Never attempt to work on their side of the meter, ever!

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