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Circuit Breaker Panel Breakdown

See What Connects Inside a Circuit Breaker Panel


Take a look at what can be installed in a circuit breaker panel and how each of these things has a specific role to play. Your electrical panel controls the distribution of electricity throughout your home. There are specific devices that must be used in order for your circuitry to work safely and properly. Knowing what sized breaker to use, what type, and how to control them will get you on your way to understanding electrical circuit breaker panels.

1. Circuit Breaker Types:

A photo of circuit breakers.
Photo: Timothy Thiele

An electrical circuit breaker panel consists of a buss bar that is used to house different types of circuit breakers. Each has a defining role to play inside and these breakers come in many shapes and sizes. Circuit breakers control the amount of current that can flow through a circuit, prevent circuit overloads, prevent ground faults, prevent arc faults, and provide a manual disconnecting means for working on a circuit.

2. Working With Circuit Breakers

A photo of circuit breakers.
Photo: Timothy Thiele

Just simply knowing what a circuit breaker is doesn't necessarily mean that you know how to use it. Circuit breakers must be turned on, off and sometimes reset. These helpful tips will teach you the basics of working with and controlling circuit breakers.

3. Electrical Panel Extensions, Wiring, and Brands

Breaker Brands
Photo: Timothy Thiele

Electrical circuit breakers control branch circuits and sub-panels. Circuit breakers are built by different manufacturers and are quite different believe it or not. Circuit breakers are wired according to the size of wire connected to it and the load requirements of what it is connected to.

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