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Outdoor Lighting and Receptacle Codes


With any electrical installation, there are some electrical codes that must be followed and outdoor electrical installations are no different. Here are a few outdoor lighting and receptacle codes that you will need to know before wiring your home or making room additions.

1. Article 210.8(A)(3)

All 15- and 20-amp, 120-volt receptacles must be GFCI protected. This may be with a GFCI recptacle or a GFCI breaker.

2. Article 210.52(E)

A receptacle is required at the front and back door outside every home. This receptacle can be mounted no higher than 6'6" above grade.

3. Article 210.52(E)(3)

A receptacle is required within the perimeter of each balcony, deck, or porch with a usable area of 20 square feet or more that is accessible from the inside of the home. This, again, can be mounted no higher than 6'6" above grade.

4. Article 210.52(E)(3) (2011 NEC)

All balconies, decks, and porches that are accessible from the inside of the home must have a receptacle installed within their perimeter. * Exception: Small areas.

5. Article 210.70(A)(2)

Switched lghting is required on the exterior in order to illuminate all personnel entrances. * Exception: Vehical doors (garage doors)

6. Article 406.8(A)

All 15- and 20-amp 120- and 240-volt nonlocking receptacles in wet or damp locations must be listed as weather resistant type receptacles.

7. Article 406(8)(A)

Receptacles installed outdoors must have a weatherproof cover that are acceptable for damp location. These are gasketed covers that seal the unit from moisture and retard rain and snow.

8. Article 406.(8)(B)(1)

Outdoor receptacles located in wet locations that are unprotected from rainfall, must have a cover that is weatherproof to protect the receptacle when a cord is plugged into it and when not in use.

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