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Wireless Switch Kits Save Time


When you need to add a second switch on a lighting run in your house, wireless switches may be the way to go. Wireless switches are a great way to control the lighting in hallways, staircases or rooms with two or more doors, that have only one switch now to control the lighting. Instead of having to cut into the walls and run wiring between the two switches, this type of switch uses a built-in radio frequency receiver that is built in to talk to the remote switch to be mounted wherever you need access to the light. The combination of these two switches forms a three-way switch combination without the wiring.

Now you will need to remove the existing switch and replace it with the wireless switch. Then, you simply add the remote, battery operated switch. This is attached to the wall via double-sided tape and a special surfaced-mounted box and cover plate.

Wireless switches are also available in a wireless lamp switch, in which a switch controls a screw-in lamp socket. The switch is turned to the on position and it tells the socket base to turn the light bulb on that is screwed into the socket.

Another controls a wireless plug-in socket that you can plug in a desk lamp. It plugs into one half of the receptacle and then a lamp cord plugs into it. The radio-controlled frequency is transmitted from the switch to the wireless plug-in. This allows you to add a switch to virtually any receptacle in your house.

The downfall of these devices are that they are battery run and that means the batteries will need to be changed periodically. Othr than that, they are simple enough to install and will save you soe money by not having to install regular switches and wiring in your home or having to call in an electrician. So if your skill level in electrical projects is adaquate, you should be able to handle this simple installation. Just follow the manufacturer's instructions and you'll be just fine.

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