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Types of Electrical Wire

Electrical wiring comes in many colors and sizes. Don't know the difference between NM and THHN wire? Read on to find out the answers.

Electrical Wire - Electrical Wire Sizes - Electrical Wiring
Electrical Wire - Electrical Wire Sizes - Electrical Wiring

What is Direct Burial Cable?
Some cables are meant to be run indoors, while others are meant for weathered areas and underground like direct burial cable.

Series and Parallel Circuits – The Basics
A look at series and parallel circuits. Find out what the differences are.

Common Types of Electrical Wiring Used In Homes
Your home is wired with different types of wire. Each has its specific use to accommodate the load and conditions it is exposed to. Let’s examine what each type is and how it is used in the home’s electrical system.

Electrical Wire Color Coding
Find out what the electrical wire color coding is when working on electrical projects. Learn which wires are used as hot, neutral, and ground wires.

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