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Wire Pulling Compound

- Cable Lube


Wire pulling compound, often called cable lube, is designed to ease in pulling electrical wires through conduit runs. This slick, slimy compound comes in a yellowish, thick, pudding looking substance or a blueish jell form. The blueish jell is much thinner than the yellowish wire pulling compound. Both work well in aiding ease of wire pulling through conduit, especially when there are many twists and turns in the piping run.

To attach electrical wires in order to pull them through conduit, strip the wires back and wrap them through the eye of a fish tape. This will ensure the cables will not come off during the pull. Now, simply wrap the wires and the end of the fish tape with electrical tape and apply the cable lube.

To use either of these wire pulling aids, apply generously to the head of the wires feeding into the pipe and a few feet down the wire. I like to squirt some down the conduit itself before I start the wire pull. Then, as the wires are fed into the pipe, continue to keep applying a small amount on the wires. The easiest way is to squirt the fluid in one hand. Then as the wires pass through your hand, they are being lubed. Try to keep the other hand free of the lubrication so you can still grip the cable lube bottle and the wire for feeding.

As you approach the end of the wire pull or when the wire pulling gets easier, you can stop applying the lubrication. At this point, a majority of the wire and conduit have been lubricated enough to finish the wire pull with ease.

So the moral of the story here is, if you've ever pulled your guts out trying to get wires through a conduit or if you've had to hook a truck bumper to them to pull them in, do yourself a favor and get a bottle or two of wire pulling compound instead, you'll thank me later!

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